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  • Red Cross Standard First Aid (2 days)    click here to register
    This course is offered in Hinton and Jasper.  Please select the appropriate location when registering.
    This course provides comprehensive First Aid and CPR techniques for those who want more knowledge to respond to emergencies in the home or workplace.  A variety of topics are covered from Basic First Aid such as cardiovascular and breathing emergencies, CPR, prevention of disease transmission to more severe sudden medical conditions and injuries to the head and spine.
  • Red Cross Standard First Aid Re-Certification (1 day)    click here to register
    This course provides the most up-to-date techniques used in First Aid and CPR. This re-certification is required to avoid expiration of current First Aid and CPR certificates.
  • Red Cross Basic Life Support (BLS) (4 hrs)    click here to register
    Designed to build participant confidence in performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills in a team environment for professionals with a duty to respond. Teaches the important steps to perform a rapid assessment, perform Basic Life Support (BLS) skills, and perform rapid defibrillation including use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Airway Management and Oxygen Therapy can also be added as additional certifications to this course.
    • Audience
      • In-facility care providers, including nursing staff, care aides, medical and dental professionals.
        Pre-hospital care providers, which may include professionals in a fire service, rescue team, sports-medicine, lifeguards and ski patrol.
    • Certification
      • 1-year certification in Basic Life Support (digital certificate issued upon successful completion)
    • Course Content
      • Glove removal
      • Primary Assessment
      • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
      • Airway Obstruction
      • Assisted Ventilation
      • Basic Life Support special considerations
    • Duration
      • Stand-alone course – 4 hours
      • With Airway Management – 5 hours
      • With Oxygen Therapy – 5 hours
      • With Airway Management and Oxygen Therapy – 6 hours
    • Participant Materials
      • Canadian Red Cross Basic Life Support Field Guide
  • Red Cross Basic Life Support (BLS) Re-Certification (2 hrs)    click here to register
    This is the re-certification for the full BLS course.  This course provides updated techniques for CPR, AED, and other Basic Life Support skills.
  • Enform - H2S Alive (1 day)    click here to register
    This course is intended for all workers in the petroleum industry who could be exposed to hydrogen sulfide (H2S).  The primary focus is to provide generic H2S course content to help workers work safely in and around H2S environments.  The course covers the physical properties and health hazards of H2S, how to protect oneself and basic rescue techniques.  Each student is required to operate a self-contained breathing apparatus and a detector tube device, and to perform CPR and rescue lift and drag exercises.
  • Alberta Safety Council - ATV or UTV Rider’s Course (1 day)    click here to register
    This course is designed to train the operator in the safe and efficient use of an all-terrain or utility-terrain vehicle.  The course includes both classroom and practical training, with the greatest emphasis on operator skills.
  • Enform - Oilfield Driver Awareness (ODA) (1 day)    click here to register
    Gain knowledge to improve your on-road safe driving behaviours and attitudes as well as gain the understanding of what being a professional driver entails.
    • Topics include:
      • Professional driving attitude
      • Defensive driving skills
      • Regulations and policies
      • National Safety Code (NSC) requirements
      • Proper vehicle inspection
      • Off-highway driving techniques
      • Road conditions and hazards
      • Journey Management
    • Outcomes:
      • Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion that is valid for three years.
      • This course is approved by Alberta Transportation as a Professional Driving Improvement Course (PDIC). Participants with an Alberta Operator’s License who receive 80% or better on the written examination are eligible for a reduction of up to three demerit points from their driving record from Alberta Transportation through any Alberta registries agent.
    • Additional Notes:
      • This course replaces the GODI and LDV and will be the ongoing pre-requisite for Escort vehicle and Oilfield Hauler
  • Defensive Driving Student Course (1 day)    click here to register
    The key elements involved in the Defensive Driving Course are:  principles and foundations of defensive driving, the driver (dealing more with attitude), dealing with intersections and right-of-way regulations, how passing may lead to collisions and related psychology, aggressive drivers and how to avoid being one.  Supplemental lessons will include one of the following:  fuel efficiency and pre-trip inspections, winter driving, or other road users - collisions and first aid.  All students who participate in the Defensive Driving Student Course will qualify for a 3-point demerit reduction on their Alberta Drivers license.
  • Confined Space Entry (1/2 day / 4 hrs)    click here to register
    This safety course will instruct the student in confined space roles and responsibilities, legislation, hazard identification, testing and monitoring procedures, control measures, required PPE and confined space permits.  The course combines both theoretical and practical instruction in entry and rescue procedures.
  • Fall Protection (1/2 day / 4 hrs)    click here to register
    This program is intended for workers who need fall protection training, in preparation for work in areas where fall hazards exist.  The focus of this course is on fall protection legislation and best practices across a broader industry spectrum.  Participants must pass both a written and practical skills exam to obtain a certificate of successful program completion.  As part of the practical exam, each participant will be briefly suspended in a harness.  Participants should be physically capable of safely executing this procedure.
  • Professional Driving Instruction Course (1 day / 8 hrs)    click here to register
    The Defensive Driving program is a nationally recognized driver improvement program developed by the Canada Safety Council, for the benefit of drivers and employers of personnel who operate passenger size vehicles as part of their work tasks.
  • Red Cross Babysitting Course (2 day / 6 hrs per day)    click here to register
    This course is designed for youth 11 years and up who want to become a babysitter or may already be one. The Babysitting Course covers the responsibilities of a babysitter, safety tips for children of all ages, basic child care skills and what to do in case of an emergency.
  • Aerial Work Platform Training (1/2 day / 4 hrs)    click here to register
    At the conclusion of this training, participants will have a basic understanding of legislative requirements and safe work practices for Aerial Lift Operation. Any worker who, as part of their job, needs to operate an aerial lift platform, or anyone who would benefit from this training [Supervisors] should take this course.
  • Fire Extinguisher Training (1/2 day / 4 hrs)    click here to register
    Knowing which fire extinguisher to grab when a fire occurs helps employees ensure that property loss is kept to a minimum.  In doing so, they also ensure their own safety.
    • The course covers:
      • Fire Behavior
      • Classifications of Fire
      • Extinguishers and their Uses
      • Correct Fire Extinguisher Usage
      • P A S S
      • Live Fire Training (where possible)
  • Fork Lift Training (1/2 day / 4 hrs)    click here to register
    This training program is designed to provide vertical mast forklift operators with a solid foundation in:
    • Safety Regulations & Standards
    • Lift Truck Fundamentals
    • Principles of Stability, Balance & Capacity
    • Preventative Maintenance & Procedures (Per- Operational Inspections)
    • General Rules of the Road
    • Job Safety Analysis
    • Safe Load Handling Techniques
    • Proper Start Up & Shut Down Protocol
    • Steering & Control
    • Refueling Gasoline, Diesel & LP Lift Trucks
    • Charging/Changing Industrial Batteries on Electric Powered Trucks
    • Designations for Powered Industrial Trucks
  • Skid Steer Course (1/2 day / 4 hrs)    click here to register
    This skid steer training program is designed to provide heavy machine operators with a solid foundation in:
    • Health & Safety Standards
    • Preventative Maintenance
    • Proper Procedures for Safe Operation

    Our heavy machine operator training courses consist of classroom theory, and practical hands on experience. Our course content is delivered through multimedia presentations and interactive discussion and reinforced through workbooks and supplementary handouts.

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